Survey completed! Read a readers’ thoughts on activism.

We are dead chuffed – here are the answers someone has left on our short survey.  Please give us your answers!

Why do people get involved in (climate) activism? And how?
“People get involved in forms of activism for several reasons:
i) Identification with an issue (climate change, third world debt etc.)
ii) A feeling of alienation or unease with the world.
iii) The influence of various sub-cultures or scenes and their attractiveness.”

Who stays involved and why?
People who manage to become accepted into the culture and the often informal hierarchies which develop. Or people that find a way to balance organising commitments with the rest of their life and still find it rewarding.

Why do people stop being involved? Give as many reasons as  you like!
“i) Unfulfilling.
ii) Burn out.
iii) Personal fallings out.
iv) Moving on to other things.
v) Frustration.”

If you are no longer involved, what would it take for YOU to get involved again?
Still involved. Wouldn’t get involved in climate activism unless I saw a movement with a clear, thought through strategy seeking to work with normal people on issues which affect their everyday life.

What are the barriers to becoming involved (or re-involved)?
“i) Visibility – Where to go to get involved.
ii) Knowledge – lots of assume knowledge, also vague ideas of activists (more self-education)
iii) Clear strategies and methods.”

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