“Positive experiences and actual wins” – another reader replies

Why do people get involved in (climate) activism? And how?
– Acknowledging there are issues and that they can make change
– Anger
– Threatened livelihood (e.g. Indigenous struggles)
– To meet like-minded people

– Local community (e.g. church, suburb, school, workplace, etc.)
– Public gatherings
– Direct conversations
– Relationships

Who stays involved and why?
– Those who have no choice (e.g. Indigenous struggles), although this is usually when it is supported by a larger local community
– Those who have trouble relinquishing control
– Those who are too stubborn to let failure after failure stop them
– Those who make it their ‘living’ (i.e. professionals working in NGO’s)
– Those who have had positive experiences and actual wins

Why do people stop being involved? Give as many reasons as you like!
– Burn out
– Lack of progression
– Inefficient, boring, pointless and unproductive meetings
– Lack of creativity in tactics
– Relationship break-ups
– Life
– Too much bureaucracy
– Personality clashes
– Failures

If you are no longer involved, what would it take for YOU to get involved again?
I am still involved

What are the barriers to becoming involved (or re-involved)?
– Hard to break into pre-existing social circles
– Not fitting the stereotype (true or otherwise)
– Life
– Different abilities
– Seeing the same mistakes being made over and over again
– Perceived lack of understanding (more precisely, an overtly large amount of ego-foddering by some of those involved)

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