What’s in a name
If you’ve come here because you’re the CEO of a polluting company being exposed and opposed by activists, and you want help making them disappear, then you’re outa luck. Try NETCU.

“Endng Activism” refers to the ways and reasons people stop “doing” activism.

It also refers to our belief that a form of “activism” that has been critiqued repeatedly needs to, well, have people ending it. It won’t go away on its own..

Why are we doing it
Because we firmly believe that we can do better, and we MUST do better, in both getting people to join with others to take action, and in keeping them taking action in the long-term. Spasms don’t help…

How it came about
In January or so, two of us were bemoaning the collapse of visible climate activism and “whatever happened to the people who gave a damn?” We realised that one (but only one!) of us was well-enough liked and trusted by some “ex”-activists that it would be possible to ask them to tell us, rather than us merely speculating.

So, “project x” was born. It took a little while to do the interviews (and longer to transcribe; always a pain). We then had to figure out how best to use the information.

The credit for the idea of a website and launch event belongs entirely to someone else. So does the rather clever title “Ending Activism” (for the full horror of the earlier suggestions, see here.)

What we want to achieve
1) Spread awareness of the information we’ve gathered

2) Encourage other people – locally, nationally and internationally, to take what seems of benefit to them, and give them our “what we wish we’d known, since it would have saved a lot of wasted time and effort” thoughts. We believe that if it’s going to be different next time (if indeed there is a “next time”), then we better learn some lessons right now.

3) To help put the problems of activist pathologies – burnout, group dynamics, campaign trajectories, on the agenda again.

What we aren’t trying to do
We are not trying to say that nothing of value has been done in the last years. We are not saying that people were wrong to make the efforts they did with various camps and marches and such like.


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