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Encapsulating encapsulation

Encapsulation occurs when a movement organization develops an ideology or structure that interferes with efforts to recruit members or raise demands. …members may develop such strong cohesion among themselves that outsiders become unwelcome. In prolonged interaction, a group may develop … Continue reading

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Creating social epidemics (The Tipping Point)

Why do some ideas, trends and social behaviours cross a threshold or “tip” and take off- and conversely, why do so many more fail? Extracts from The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference by Malcolm Gladwell (2000) … Continue reading

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Powerless to stop ourselves…

A recent (sympathetic) reader of Ending Activism thought the site was good and needed, but perhaps a teensy-weensy bit too…  academic. We agreed whole-heartedly, and to step in the right direction we are now publishing a glossary of social movement … Continue reading

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Theory: different types of environmentalism…

This below is really interesting. It’s from Education, Social Movements and Environmental Learning [pdf] (from Developing a Compassionate Sense of Place: Environmental and social Conscientization in Environmental Organizations, Randolph Haluza-DeLay “Most social movement theorizing has focused on what social movements … Continue reading

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What is a Strategic Question?

via here A Strategic Question: creates motion – enables the structure of the conversation to move from the static to the dynamic creates options – looks for alternatives (while avoiding questions which suggest a specific alternative eg. ‘have you considered…?’), … Continue reading

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Theory: The Issue Attention Cycle

Every so often we will post chunks of sociological/political theory.  Don’t worry if you’re allergic to ’em – we will flag up what we are doing.  This below is from a recent book called “Social Movements” by Suzanne Staggenborg, Oxford … Continue reading

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