Launch event

Friday 15th June

7.30pm till 9pm.

at the Lass O’Gowrie, Charles St, Manchester  M1 7DB.

Here is the plan for tomorrow:
Upon arrival
Welcome folks explain formal start 7.45, and that some folks have to leave early
Give them a booklet
Encourage them to eat and mingle
Formal start at 7.45pm Mark Haworth to intro.
Mark to do demographic spectra
Question about photos to room (does anyone object to being in photos)

Ask people to write down the one question that they think would be most useful for everyone in the room to answer
We sift, come up with the top three, that folks then vote on which is the best (show of hands, applause)
That question is then the one we ask – people can say out loud or write down their answers, and we will use it as the basis for some further posts

Coercive Mingling
if it is needed/appropriate – go via spectrum of date of birth Jan 1 to Dec 31st, nearest folks clump in pairs to do mingling. Who is this person, why are they here? Or if group is smaller, everyone just intros themselves.

Name badges (in case)
Two voice recorders
Paper and pens to write on

N.B. basically it is meant to be pretty informal, and apparently they do some of the best ales in Manchester! And there should be free food (though the pub said the kitchen may be closed what with it being the England game that night and all…)


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