Questions people wanted to ask the rest of the room

Winner: What steps would need to be taken to avoid ‘cliquyness’ and involve new people?

Runners up: What are your perceptions or preconceived notions of the type of people who get involved in (climate) activism?
What do we think the environmental movement could realistically achieve in the next 5 years?
Should we be campaigning on climate change?
Can climate campaigns survive without “institutional” learning?
How can we agree strategy/ strategies among diverse groups?
Do you feel part of a movement (whether or not you’r still involved in climate activism?)
Do you feel your climate activism gives/ gave you opportunities to engage with people beyond “the movement”? Did you take them up?
Who isn’t here and why?
How accessible do you feel it is to get involved in (climate) activism?
Is human disconnection with nature to blame for the failures of the environmental movement?
Are these problems also happening in/ to other movements?
Is it useful to think of climate as a single issue? And therefore of ‘climate activists’?
Should climate change be a global campaign?

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